Additional Products & Fees

24-Hour Night Depository

Hodge Bank & Trust Company offers after hours convenience and overnight safety of deposits by providing a night depository.

Direct Deposit

With the convenience and safety of Direct Deposit, you can have prompt access to your money by having any type deposit electronically deposited directly into your account.  It’s safe, simple and secure.

Bank By Mail

Make Hodge Bank & Trust Company as close as your mailbox by taking advantage of Bank by Mail.  Enjoy the convenience of banking without a trip to the bank.

U.S. Savings Bonds

Hodge Bank & Trust Company is a registered agent and can redeem U.S. Savings Bonds.  You may order savings bonds at

Wire Transfers

Funds may be sent or received from almost any part of the world by wire transfers.  Contact our Wire Department about this convenience and affordable method of moving your money.


Services Annual Fee
Activity Printout of Account  $ 2.00
ACH Stop Payment $15.00
Legal Processes which affect your Account (Garnishment, Citations, etc.) $15.00
Account Reconciliation & Research  $15.00 per hour
Personal Money Orders $ 2.00
Cashier Checks $ 3.00
Travelers Checks $  1.00 per $100 (1 party)
$  2.00 per $100 (2 party)
Wire Transfers (per item) $  7.50 incoming
$15.00 outgoing
Collection Items $7.50 + external bank charges
Document Copies  $  1.00 per page
Fax Machine Usage  $  3.00 per page
Zipper Bag  $  3.00 each
Locked Zipper Bag  $15.00 each
Dormant Account Charge  $  2.00 per statement cycle
Insufficient Funds Charge $20.00 per item
Overdraft Charge $20.00 per item
Online Banking  FREE
Telephone Banking FREE
Stop Payment Request $15.00 per item
Deposited Check Return Charge $  5.00 per item
Check Cashing Fee (Non Customer)  
$.00-$499.00   $5.00
$500.00-$999.99   $9.00
$1,000.00& over 1% of check amount
Recurring Overdraft Fee $2.00 per day for each day your deposit account is overdrawn


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