Hodge Bank & Trust Company offers a wide variety of personal as well as commercial loans to meet your needs.  From small personal loans to home purchase/construction loans as well as commercial loans, we will work with you to achieve a plan that is just right for you.  Call today for more information.

Auto Loans

In need of a new or used vehicle?  Hodge Bank can help you find the perfect vehicle with competitive rates and flexible financing options.  Get pre-approved today and let Hodge Bank help you navigate the car purchasing process.

  • New or Used
  • Low Rates
  • Flexible Terms & Affordable Payments
  • Up to 72 Month Financing
  • Pre-Approval
  • Local Decisions and Personal Service

Auto Refinance

Are your car payments too high?  Hodge Bank can help you trim your monthly budget by refinancing your auto loan at a lower rate.  Refinancing your car can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your ownership, and allows you to continue enjoying the car you love with more money in your pocket.

Boat + RV + ATV + Motorcycle

Depending on your recreational vehicle of choice, Hodge Bank can help you with your new purchase. We offer Recreational Loans with flexible terms that fit your budget. It's easy to apply so you can spend less time filling out paperwork and more time enjoying your new purchase!

  • New or Used
  • Affordable Rates
  • Various Terms
  • Local Decisions & Personal Service

Signature Loans

Hodge Bank offers a variety of personal loans tailored to your financial situation.  Apply today for low interest loans with flexible terms for any of the following categories and more!

  • Home Improvements
  • Vacations + Holiday Trips
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Consumer Purchases

Home Equity Line of Credit

Time for home improvements?  A home equity loan allows you to use the equity you have built in your residence as collateral. You may need the funds for things like home repairs, medical bills or even college tuition.

The best part of this type of loan is that it allows you to use the equity in your home to borrow for less.  Unlike a home improvement loan, you choose the purpose - to buy a car, pay for your child's education, or maybe refinance an existing debt. You get affordable terms and in most cases, the interest is tax deductible.